"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression."


1.    Wear a solid color conservative dress or suit.
2.    Avoid open toe, sling back or stiletto shoes.
3.    Be conservative in your jewelry. Avoid big earrings, and things that jingle.
4.    Wear nude or tan hose. Avoid patterns and bright colors.
5.    Hair should be kept neatly combed, not hanging in the face.
6.    Keep make-up light and natural.
7.    Do not over perfume.


1.    Wear a suit (navy, gray or charcoal) with a white shirt neatly pressed.
2.    Keep ties conservative. 
3.    Wear dark, over the calf socks that match the suit.
4.    Black leather shoes (wingtips or loafers) that are polished. No boots.
5.    Minimal jewelry - watch, wedding ring and school rings are acceptable.
6.    Conservative haircut - collar length, above the ears, neatly combed.
7.    Either clean shaven or neatly trimmed facial hair.

And as always, remember to. . .
    . . . have a firm handshake, but do not over do it
    . . . maintain eye contact
    . . . and always wear a smile!

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