Giving notice should always start by requesting a meeting with your boss.  In more casual environments, do it by walking into your boss' office with a resignation letter in hand, which you ask them to read.  This meeting should be set up late in the afternoon on a Monday if possible. Never give notice on a Friday, unless absolutely necessary, and then try to give notice in the mid-morning.   Ideally, you would give notice at 4PM on a Monday or Tuesday by walking into your boss' office and handing them a very simple letter of resignation.  If your boss asks what the letter is, ask them to read it first, please.  Most managers know that this means you are giving notice, and that is OK; let the letter be the ice breaker. 

The letter should be a very simple, very short letter.  There is NO need to provide lots of information to your former employer.  In fact that is considered unprofessional.  The letter could look like this:

Dear ________,

I have been offered a position with another company that is more in line with my career goals. After careful consideration, I have decided to accept this offer. Although I consider my past and present relationship with CompanyName to be very beneficial; my decision is firm. Therefore I must submit my resignation effective Date (i.e. Monday, January 14th).

During the remainder of my stay I will continue to conduct my work professionally and efficiently, and do all that I can to minimize the effects of my departure.



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